Notes from a monk with a poem, sweeping the chapel of ideas, awaiting the broader dawn.

What We Are Doing Here

Welcome to the Temples of Syrinx: a Revolutionary Rock Blog by Brian Rooney

This site is dedicated to the proliferation of independent thought, creative beauty and everything music.  I do not promise frequent updates, but I will give you a perspective unavailable anywhere else.  Give me your ears and have no fear for where your eyes may stray . . .  Despite its name this is not a blog about progressive music, though often I will showcase exactly that.  Here you will find music, philosophy, poetry and short fiction, dedicated to those among us who are not cattle, who have hope, love love and bring freedom to those we know.  I will assume these things about you.  It is a place dedicated to Syrinx, the Greek nymph Pan raised to his lips to play like a flute, at the rippling, ancient water’s edge.

One response

  1. indieunderhound

    First subscribed fan because I love the way you speak with your words.

    July 7, 2011 at 1:30 PM

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